Star America Closes North American P3 Fund at $300 Million

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Star America Closes North American P3 Fund at $300 Million
Roslyn Heights, NY 
– April 4, 2016

Star  America  Infrastructure  Partners,  a  leading  New  York - based infrastructure fund manager, announced the final closing of Star America Infrastructure Fund I in March achieving its targeted goal of $300 million. 

Star America’s CEO, William A. Marino states, “We are encouraged by the success we have achieved in attracting investors to our first fund, the commitment of our limited partners demonstrates their confidence in our investment philosophy.”

Christophe Petit, President of Star America, adds, “We are pleased to have reached this milestone and to have generated such strong investment opportunities for the fund in such a short period of time."
Since its inception, Star America has been awarded or become a partner in six public private partnerships, including South Fraser Perimeter Road in British Columbia, Canada, Portsmouth Bypass in Ohio, Northside at University of Texas in Dallas, Michigan Freeway  Lighting, SH - 288 in Texas and Purple Line in Baltimore.

Star  America  Infrastructure  Fund  I focuses on  North  American  Public  Private  Partnership  (P3) greenfield infrastructure investments where the specific skill set of its team maximizes value for the public owners, its investors and its concessionaire partners.

Star America is led by a seasoned group  of  infrastructure  professionals  who  are  knowledgeable  in  the  industry,  understand  the marketplace and are notable amongst their peers. 

Mark Melson, Star America’s COO said “Star America’s targeted North American P3 strategy, combined with its extensive industry experience and successful project track record, makes Star America an exceptional fund in the infrastructure sector.”

About Star America
Star America Infrastructure Partners is an independent US headquartered developer and manager of  greenfield  infrastructure  assets  in  North  America,backed  by  US  pension  funds, insurance companies and private investors. Star America’s investment strategy is to team on public pursuits of  projects  on  which  it  will  supply  equity  or purchase  equity  or  preferred  equity  positions  in infrastructure  assets,  primarily  in  greenfield  public - private  partnership  projects. Star  America focuses on partnering with states and public agencies in delivering infrastructure projects across the transportation, social and environmental sectors. Over the past 15 years, Star America’s team members  have  had  experience  financing,  underwriting  and  managing  over  45  infrastructure projects  valued  at  over  $60  bn.   For   more  information  about  Star America,  please  visit

Monday, April 4, 2016