Asset Management

At Star America Infrastructure Partners, our asset management methodology blends a unique industry perspective with unique investment management strategies, focusing on ambitious, but realistic, goals for outperformance and risk management.

Cohesive, Effective and Efficient through Teamwork

Star America’s work with nearly every major contractor and concessionaire, in one aspect or another, enables our team to work cohesively, effectively, and efficiently with our partners and each other. Over our years of experience, we created strong ties with our partners that garner insight into working with diverse partners on their unique needs. Moreover, Star America’s senior advisors continuously broaden our relationships with successful projects. These relationships continue to add expertise to our collective team and individual members.

Superior Risk Management

At Star America Infrastructure Partners, our team knows that asset management requires a thorough understanding of construction risk. Our roster of industry professionals know how to analyze, mitigate, and manage risk through detailed, effective negotiation of project agreements.

Dedicated to Our Clients

Star America Infrastructure Partners performs every task with a singular focus on a guiding purpose: providing superior client service and striving for an outstanding return on investment. This guiding principal transcends every business decision and drives our strategic approach to asset management.